During your retirement years, quality of life becomes increasingly important. After all, you’ve worked hard and earned this well-deserved retirement. Now, it’s time to focus on how you can get the most out of your golden years. Transitioning to long-term assisted living can improve
the quality of life for seniors. However, your quality of life includes more than personal care services and an expert level of care. Today, we’re focusing on how aquatic exercise at assisted living facilities can significantly improve your quality of life.
What Are Aquatic Activities?
Aquatic activities are exercises that are completed while submerged in water. This typically happens in a pool setting, but it can also occur in natural bodies of water, such as lakes. There are different types of aquatic exercise, including swimming, water aerobics class, and water walking.
  • Benefits of Water Exercise
    • Not all retirement homes have pool facilities, which is why your choice of senior care living can affect your quality of life.
    • The benefits of water exercise extend beyond physical fitness. While fitness is a significant component of your overall quality of life, other factors play a role. Here are some of the many other benefits of water exercise for seniors.
  • Reduced inflammation and improved circulation
  • Greater range of motion
    • Another one of the many aquatic activity health benefits that can improve your quality of life is enjoying a greater range of motion.
    • Water exercise can improve muscle function and movements without the pain that can be associated with on-land activity. A wider range of motion improves your quality of life by maximizing your mobility and independence.
  • Improved posture and motor function
    • The benefit of improved posture and motor function also contributes to your quality of life. For many, this benefit is considered to be one of the most valuable aquatic activity benefits.

    • Posture and motor function are two of the most significant contributing factors to the risk of falling. Improving your posture and motor function substantially reduces your risk of falling on a day-to-day basis.
  • Relieve symptoms of depression and isolation
Get the Best Quality of Life with Aquatic Exercise at Melrose Resort Style Assisted Living
Having access to water exercise as part of your comprehensive assisted living services can improve your quality of life. From reducing your risk of falling to pain management, you should choose a luxury assisted living facility to enjoy the many benefits of water aerobics. While many assisted living homes include access to a fitness center, they don’t always have pool facilities. Choose Melrose Assisted living for the resort-style living to have the best quality of life throughout your golden years.