7 Ways to Stay Active and Exercise in Assisted Living

As we age, it’s important to maintain an active lifestyle to stay healthy and independent. But what if you or your loved one live in an assisted living facility? Can you still find ways to exercise and stay active? The answer is a resounding yes!

Assisted living facilities are designed to provide support and care for older adults who may need assistance with daily activities. While these communities prioritize safety and comfort, it’s also important to prioritize physical activity and exercise for residents’ overall well-being.

Staying active and exercising in assisted living may require some creativity and adaptation, but it’s completely possible. There are numerous ways to incorporate physical activity into daily routines, with numerous benefits. Whether you prefer group classes, outdoor activities, or even chair exercises, there are options to suit everyone’s needs and abilities. Let’s explore ways to stay active and exercise in assisted living that will keep you or your loved one healthy, happy, and engaged.

1. Yoga Classes

Yoga is a great way to stay active and exercise in assisted living. Yoga classes provide an opportunity for residents to practice deep breathing, stretching, and mindfulness through gentle poses that can be adapted to all levels of ability. Most assisted living facilities offer group yoga classes with certified instructors who are experienced in working with older adults. These classes focus on improving flexibility, strength, balance, coordination, posture, and overall well-being.

2. Walking or Jogging

Most facilities have walking paths that residents can use at their own pace. Residents may also choose to jog around the facility or take a stroll as they please. Walking is a great way to get some fresh air and sunshine while increasing physical activity.

3. Swimming

Swimming is one of the best ways to stay active and exercise in assisted living because it allows for a low-impact cardiovascular workout with minimal risk of injury. Most assisted living facilities have a swimming pool that residents can use during designated hours. Swimming is also great for improving balance, strength, and coordination while providing a fun and relaxing activity.

4. Group Classes

Most facilities offer a variety of group classes, such as aerobics, Zumba, Tai Chi, and strength training. These classes provide an opportunity for residents to challenge themselves physically while having fun with their peers. Group classes are also beneficial because they provide structure, motivation, and guidance to help residents reach their fitness goals.

5. Gardening

Gardening is a great way to stay active and exercise in assisted living. Most facilities have designated gardens or outdoor spaces where residents can engage in physical activities such as planting, weeding, and harvesting throughout the year. Gardening allows residents to stay active while enjoying the outdoors and connecting with nature.

6. Chair Exercises

Chair exercises are low-impact exercises that can be done while seated or standing near a chair for support, making them accessible for all levels of ability. Chair exercises can target various muscle groups such as the arms, legs, core, and back while providing an enjoyable physical activity with minimal risk of injury.

7. Meet Friends for Games & Activities

Meeting friends for games and activities is a great way to stay active and exercise in assisted living. Residents can play card games, board games, or even outdoor sports with their peers. Not only does it provide an enjoyable physical activity, but it also encourages socialization and camaraderie among participants. Most assisted living facilities have organized game nights and activities that residents can join for fun.

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